Emerging from the depths of the Australian metal scene in 2019, with members surfacing from Eora/Sydney & Naarm/Melbourne, Burial Pit asserts its dominance as an unyielding barbarian within the metal scene, carving their own path through a dissonant and crushing onslaught they’ve dubbed Violent Sludge.

Brace yourself for obliteration as the band unveils their latest single, ‘Varment’ – a sonic maelstrom redefining musical boundaries with their unique brand of knuckle-dragging, death metal infused, sludgy ferocity.

‘Varment’ serves as the successor to their cult debut full-length, ‘Subhuman Scum’, which garnered rave reviews globally for its brutality, dissonance, and unrelenting aggression.

Their latest single is a visceral, blood-soaked descent into the core of human darkness, an exploration of raw, primal emotions laid bare, in which the predator becomes the prey and faces their horrific and vengeful demise.

Guitarist and songwriter Jack Thomas shares insight into the band’s thematic inspiration:

“The inspiration for our songs originally came from reading a “Most brutal extreme metal lyrics” list and realising that the songs were almost exclusively about men violently abusing women. So I thought, fuck that, I’ll write songs about the victims claiming their retribution over the men who are perpetrating the violence toward them. This theme can be found in all of our songs, where we explore in-depth the retaliation that would take place when the victims seek violent vengeance from their perpetrators.”

Burial Pit’s live shows transcend mere performances; they are experiences that shatter the mind, bludgeoning audiences with a seemingly infinite array of neural sledge hammers.

Revered as Australia’s reigning overlords of sludge metal, their live sets unleash a torrent of auditory devastation that spares no soul from its grasp. These oppressive manifestations have become synonymous with their name, solidifying their place as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian metal scene.

Firmly rooted in their DIY ethos, the band assumes control of every aspect of their music; writing, recording, producing, and mixing their tracks themselves with meticulous dedication and mastery.

Currently, Burial Pit are immersed in the studio, forging their highly anticipated second full-length LP slated for a late 2024 release.

Burial Pit 2023

Burial Pit is:

Guitar: Jack Thomas
Bass/Drone: Matt Sourdin
Drums/Live Sequencing: Adrian Griffin
Guitar: Michael Taverner
Vocals: Scott Tabone



Lord of Limbs

Live 2022


“Honestly, even on paper this is a record that comes across as almost too heavy for its own good, as the best way I can think of to describe the band is to say that Subhuman Scum combines the bone-breaking brutality of Disentomb and/or Disgorge with the eye-popping aggression and sadistically sludgy grooves of EyeHateGod and/or Iron Monkey.”


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“Subhuman Scum is a monument to the brutality and discomfiture of extreme sludge: no beauty, no shining beacons, just a grim catharsis of darkness and filth, grime and decrepitude. Burial Pit is no place for the faint-hearted. Rated 9/10”

Hysteria Mag

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“This release is insanely heavy, heavy with intent, heavy with hatred and intense lyrical content, heavy in every sense of the word.”

Heavy Mag

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Subhuman Scum